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  • Professional and reputable metal recycling services in New Zealand and internationally.

  • Value your metal by weight on certified platform scales and weighbridges, calibrated to the strictest industry standards.

  • Competitive rates and we value your supply.

  • High level of service.

  • Ethically sound business partners.

  • Constant monitoring and improvement process on our sites.

  • Established trading methodologies and worldwide relationships.

  • MAF-approved transitional facility.

​Formal ISO certification of our company’s systems demonstrates our team’s high level of commitment to quality, health & safety, and environmental practices and most importantly to our customer and supplier satisfaction.



Transport and collection services for your recyclable metal.

Electronic or E-Waste recycling & drop off centres

Bin exchange systems to keep a bin handy on your site.

Competitive rates for your recycling metal material and exclusive rates for tradies (roofers, plumbers, electricians)

Our Hamilton & New Plymouth yards are open to the general public for drops offs during the week as well as Saturday mornings.

GMS are licensed under the Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2004 and we will only purchase scrap metal alongside New Zealand Government approved identification – please ensure you have a NZ driver license.

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  • Provide in-yard receival services, or 

  • gantry, skip and hook bins of various sizes to your site, depending on your specific individual requirements.

With collection and site pickup services available in our service areas, we can organise transport and collection at the most convenient intervals for your business and we want to work with you to find the best solution.
Please call our team to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist with these.

You can easily book in an exchange of your bin by 
calling your local GMS office.




While we try to cater to all metal & recycling streams there are some products GMS are unable to accept or products that need to be discussed with our team prior to delivering the product to our yards. This is due to the health & safety concerns associated with these product streams. These items include: 

Gas/LPG bottles, tanks (including those in cars) & batteries –  please contact us  prior to delivery of these items so we can advise necessary safety precautions for GMS to accept these:

The tank must be empty and have additional visible holes punctured in the tank to ensure this is safe to go through our shredding process. Our team may request you pull out the fuel or gas tank on-site to confirm if it is empty and safe to accept. 


Single-use and lithium batteries. These have a significant fire risk and need to be dealt with in a way that is safe for the public and the recyclers.

Decramastic roofing tiles – GMS will accept these tiles provided you are able to supply our office with an asbestos clearance certificate

GMS will not accept stolen goods.

Vehicles/machinery containing petrol/diesel/LPG or waste oils.

Excessive non/metallic rubbish will not be tolerated in deliveries to our sites.

Paint tins – will only accept if they have little to no paint residue.

Fire extinguishers – must have the valve/hose removed on top or have a hole punctured in it. This is to ensure it has depressurised and is safe for our team and machinery to handle.


For the very best recycling advice, speak to our Consultancy Division. Some of the services that GMS
Consultancy division provides include:

  • Stocktaking of Metal

  • QS on Metal piles

  • Investigation of metal thefts

  • Process guidance

  • Demolition options


Using our extensive global network, we find the right markets able to process difficult materials and extract the best value for your recyclable commodities.


Operating globally, we have reliable logistical services available for all businesses. We will strive to offer a competitive solution for your recyclable commodities, regardless of the size of your operation.

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